Debonaire Daybreak Cigar Review


Initial Thoughts

Up until now Debonaire has just had 2 cigars in the portfolio of theirs. Those 2 cigars had been the very same binder and filler however they utilized various wrappers, a Maduro and a Habano. This Debonaire Daybreak release is actually the very first release under the Debonaire house since joining up with Drew Estate to deal with the sales and distribution of the brand.

The Debonaire Daybreak was first announced back in 2017 at the IPCPR show and has been on shelves for some time today. It is readily available in six sizes:

First Degree: 4 x 44
Sagita: 5 1/2 x 38
Corona: 6 x 46
Robusto: 5 x 50
Toro: 6 x 50
Belicoso: 6 x 54

Taking a look at the makeup of this particular cigar it employs an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper which has been aging for 2 seasons. The binder is Dominican as well as the filler is different Nicaraguan leaf. It is precisely the same make up as the prior releases the Maduro and also the Habano from this particular line.

I’ve previously reviewed the Debonaire Natural that is the Habano wrapper and this was wonderful. So I am really looking forward to this Debonaire Daybreak to find out what all it’s to provide up. Lets dive in.

Debonaire Daybreak cigar review


This Debonaire Daybreak is a relatively easy looking packaging and cigar. The band is the same from the additional releases from what I are able to see. It is a big black and gold band. There’s a horse drawn carriage as the primary center point to the band also. Something that I believe would assist this particular cigar differentiate from the other lines is actually a secondary band. They get away with it since the cigars are actually in cellophane on the racks and it’s the title on the back though a next band might be good.

With the Debonaire name in white lettering across the middle. The one thing that often catches the eye of mine is actually at the bottom part of the band it says’ Ultra Premium’. After chatting w/ Phil Zanghi the proprietor of Debonaire I understand they go to extraordinary lengths and set a great deal of effort into the manufacturing of the cigars of theirs.

The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper on this Debonaire Daybreak is actually beautiful. It is a smooth brown with little veins and extremely sleek. Taking a look at the feet you are able to see some really dark tobacco is actually rolled into the filler. It is such a stark contrast to the majority of the leaf at the filler that it’s extremely apparent. Let dive on it and find out what this Debonaire Daybreak is offering up.

Debonaire Daybreak cigar review


Something that I recall especially from the Debonaire Natural cigar is exactly how thoroughly clean the cigar smokes. The majority of the time the smoke the pours out feels as smoke. Nevertheless, while I was puffing on the Natural / Habano release the retrohale did not feel as smoke.

I’ve to say, the Debonaire Daybreak was almost the same. The smoke was not quite as clear and clean, though it certainly was less smokey than other cigars. I am uncertain what contributes to that attribute of the cigar though I do love it. Through the entirety of this particular cigar it was an excellent draw, great burn and only a thoroughly clean smoking experience. I am not certain in case I can say a lot more about this however. It was wonderful.

Debonaire Daybreak cigar review


Directly from the get go on the pre light this Debonaire Daybreak gave a broad range of flavors. Up front I have some standard notes of cedar and oak. Followed by a musty leather-based note that was really that enjoyable. As soon as I got the cigar lit that clean smoke was pouring out. I picked up a few subtle hints of white pepper and a backing note of mineral and earth. Practically nothing was truly appropriate in the face of yours these were all combined together perfectly. The finish offered a great serving of cream and tobacco flavors that lingered around for some time.

Would I Buy It Again?

Without having a doubt. This Debonaire Daybreak is actually a little bit on the higher end of the range of mine however after smoking one or perhaps 2 you recognize it is not a regular smoke, unless you are in a greater tax bracket. Nevertheless, I do feel as it is a smoke that you are able to reach for every again and now as a’ Ultra Premium’ smoke.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

Not for me personally, simply depending on the cost. If I’d the cash, then of course it will be.

Would I Buy a Box?

I believe this’s the simplest way to purchase this particular cigar. I’d like having a box which is actually sitting and aging


Really, in case I have not convinced one to head out and buy a Debonaire Daybreak by now, I am unsure what else I could say about this. This’s a fantastic cigar with an excellent flavor profile that smokes entirely. Simply go out and try one and I know you will not be disappointed.