Alec Bradley Sanctum Cigar Review

Cigar Smoke Show is featuring the Alec Bradley Sanctum.

I’ve observed this cigar around and about the shelves and hadn’t picked up this yet. I feel that the reason being the name Sanctum, for some reason I was equating that with Asylum and the somewhat negative term affiliation with Asylum… This is exactly what happens when you aren’t as smart and can’t remember them great words… Nevertheless I finally picked up for this particular review week. Not to lose a great deal of spoilers, but I am sure happy I did!

alec bradley sanctum cigar review

The Alec Bradley Sanctum is a superb cigar in the simple fact that it leverages tobacco out of 4 distinct states. One of that is Costa Rica, which is fair I don’t hear that much about other than that they constantly give away trips into the nation on Wheel of Fortune. I’d love to go see sometime, but I haven’t heard that much about their cigarette producing area so I was a little taken a back when I had been reading about the Sanctum and it supposes the thing comes out of Costa Rica. I thought it was fairly exciting and a fantastic small dose of something brand new at a cigar combination.

The filler stems in Colombia (another outstanding tobacco growing area that you do not ordinarily hear about), Nicaragua and Honduras. When I Googled’Sanctum’ I obtained this into the definition: a holy place, especially a shrine at a temple or church. I really like the idea that cigars as well as the time which you smoke really are a sacred site. It is an excellent reminder to slow down and appreciate things.

alec bradley sanctum cigar review

Alec Bradley Visual Appeal

The Alec Bradley Sanctum comprises a fairly bold ring wrapped on it. A powerful outline of powerful and shiny black catches your attention. It’s highlighted hit parts of gold piping during. That classic AB shield is at the centre gives a superb piece of unity across each the mixes. I enjoy the attention to detail that it is also. I really don’t understand, it’s a bizarre link but there can be something to it. Or, I might only be gentle on speech for coming up with the perfect term at this time.

It is a stunning dark chocolate wrapper with minimal veins along with a fantastic feel which is easy to catch a hold of. The filler is packaged a tiny tight during the barrel that I’m afraid might provide some resistance when smoking, but we’ll get to that instant!

alec bradley sanctum cigar review


Ahh, yes as I suspected there’s a little bit of air flow issues throughout the barrel. I’m in a position to find the Alec Bradley Sanctum lit only fine but drawing air through the barrel is a little bit of workout. After the first third I am ready to have a good draw on it and it is really producing some wonderful smoke. That is the only issue I had the entire time smoking. I was not too worried about it, but I do like to have a great dose of smoke to taste all the flavors on the retrohale.

alec bradley sanctum cigar review


I was very interested in seeing what this cigar created concerning taste knowing that it had some special tobaccos represented inside. On the first nosing of this Alec Bradley Sanctum I picked up on sweet tobacco, a floral note, and a few fruit much like raisins with hints of citrus. Very sweet overall.

After I got it burning the flavors morphed into a nice soft spice, with some oak notes. That tobacco taste was hanging around overlayed with a little salty taste and white pepper.

What I loved about this cigar is that it was not in your face. It was really well balanced. 1 flavor did not overtake the others they all worked really well together.

alec bradley sanctum cigar review


For some reason I have a jaded idea once I smoke fresh cigars that I’m probably going to hate it and I will be sitting there wishing I was smoking one of my favorite cigars. When I’m pleasantly surprised by how great a new cigar is it always adds to the smoking experience in a really positive way! That said, this Alec Bradley Sanctum was exceptional. I loved the taste profile on this stick and it made up for the smoking problems with the filler being overly full. So in the event you stumble across this cigar I highly suggest picking one up. I believe that the taste profile is well worth giving it a go!