Cuban Cigar Review: Montecristo Churchill Anejados


MontecristoOrigin : Cuba

Size : 7“ (178mm) x 47
Format : Julieta No.2
Brand Strength : Medium to Full
Price : $25 – $30



The Montecristo Churchill Anejados is actually the next release of the linea Anejados. The Cigars produced under this line are added matured in the best moisture conditions of Cuba for a short time between five to eight years. This additional aging allow each part of the cigar to truly melt together releasing the really full flavor potential of the tobacco leaves.?


Cigar Appearance

The Montecristo Anejados shows a two-fold band, the conventional one along with a brown one which proudly said Anejados indicating the excess aging indeed. The size that I especially love is actually stylish and the already a pleasure to old it in the hands of yours. The style of the wrapper is actually Colorado as well as the quality of it’s superb with very few vein coming out and a crunchy feel that make me hope in a very good draw.


Cigar Construction

The cigar is actually been rolled very well, the cup was applied properly facilitating the sawing procedure as well as the pre draw announce that’s not going to become a firm one. Over the smoke the ash was extremely small and I pretty much went half way through before it went down, and once it did I might see the center of the cigar completely lit as I never ever had to make use of the lighter once again.


Cigar Tasting

Similar to a very first date, it’s a shy beginning for the Montecristo Anejados, it felt rather light as a start but on the additional side combustion and draw were great. It shows since the start that the character of the stick is actually gonna be woody with a few spices hints, the traditional Montecristo profile.
As we achieve the next third the flavor intensity certainly picks up as the smoke gets denser and warmer, we are able to appreciate the beautiful cedar and oak wood, vegetal notes with a few cashew nuts feeling too along with a hint of spices occasionally.

Near the end we are able to truly like the definition of the flavors, which aren’t changing a lot since the beginning, the sole thing that evolves is actually the intensity of those, and that is completely normal as the burning spot is usually closer to the palate of ours and also the smoke is actually hotter; combustion and draw have been fantastic during the whole stick.



The cigar was a bit lighter than expected, perhaps because the additional aging which may have lower down the nicotine level, as well as make it smoother. It was exceptionally well built and I’ve to claim that if a cigar does not give some inconvenient is already half way to the success. Flavor good the cigar did not show some complexity as the profile was the same from the start to the end, what I call a linear stick; though the definition of the flavors and aromas was great. This’s a cigar which are able to be smoked whenever really, I enjoyed it with the coffee of mine throughout the evening, and also by the dynamics of it you are able to lit it and enjoy it without thinking about this a lot of.

Montecristo Espada Guard Cigar Review

Initial Thoughts

For a reason I have been attracted to plenty of those’big brands’ recently. Cigars Made by Altadis, General, etc.. I stopped back to the Nashville Casa de Montecristo one night and cried with a brand new employee and that I received his take on which he was smoking lately. He explained that he had been smoking that the Montecristo Espada Guard frequently. I’d always found it in the shelf but not paid much attention. I thought what the hell might too give it a go. The cigar has been right about $10 to your pole so that it’s close to the top of everything I like to cover but I figured what the hell might as well perfect?

So there’s a really cool storyline behind this particular cigar. This is just another alliance on the portion of Altadis and yet a different cigar firm. This time they’ve paired up using Plasencia cigars. It utilizes 100% Nominal tobacco that’s unlike the majority of their cigars, or even all them. They formed a special group known as the Grupo de Maestros that’s a particular mixing group comprising equally Altadis & Plasencia workers. They worked on the mix with this particular Montecristo Espada Guard, which incidentally Espada is Spanish for both the sword. You will see they’re paying homage to the blades from the conventional Montecristo emblem.



1 thing which definitely stands out for that Montecristo Espada Guard is that the packaging. The box these cigars come inside is quite striking. It’s a great suede outside demonstration. With decorated metal corners to protect the sharp edges. I am constantly impressed with the quantity of detail and thought put into every bundle layout about the cigars out of Altadis, it is definitely something they take quite severe.

Additionally, it is pretty awesome for this particular Montecristo Espada Guard they comprised the true leaf used in the mix on the interior of the box. It specifically states the following:

Wrapper: Habano Jalapa Vintage 2010

Binder: Habano Jalapa Vintage 2009

Filler: Habano Jalapa Seco Vintage 2008, Habano Jalapa Viso Ometepe Vintage 2008, Habano Condega Ligero Vintage 2008

Rarely can you get that detail and advice on the mix. Personally, I really like seeing that type of advice it provides you an insight into what is happening with the mix and a few behind the scenes glimpse into their world.


Well it is time to really enter this cigar and see whether it pops up to the build up which I have placed around it so far. This Montecristo Espada Guard stands 6″ x 50 in prestige. After I sip on the cover of the cap off I am prepared to find some fire into the foot and make it all rolling. Before I do this, I wind up carrying the foot ring along with the barrel ring off. They adorned this cigar having a few excess packaging that I adore, but I am not going to opportunity placing them on fire simply to keep them .

While smoking during the Montecristo Espada Guard I never needed one draw difficulty or burn difficulty. The ash never left it more than a half inch however. I really dropped it 2 times right in my jeans. So that’s a little about regarding the building of the cigar, however, besides dinging my own pride. It was a problem that influenced my smoking encounter.


Frankly, I did not understand what to expect for this particular Montecristo Espada Guard. I didn’t do some research prior to smoking the cigar. As I mentioned above it had been advocated by an employee as well as other than immediately taking a look at the packaging I did not understand anything about that. My very first few sniffs of this barrel along with the foot generated some fine scents of leather, bud, and everything I felt like green tea. This was something intriguing that I am pretty certain that I have never picked up to a cigar.

After this Montecristo Espada Guard has been lit and began producing a few the taste profile started a fairly drastic change. Instantly I had been struck by a dose of pepperto me personally it was a mix of red pepper flakes and more potent black pepper which makes me want to sneeze. Sometimes, I’d pick up with a candy spice something very similar to cinnamon that attracted a wonderful little balance to the general taste.

Today, I usually tend to cling to some cigar which is balanced and is not dominated by one specific taste arena. But, I must mention this Montecristo Espada Guard spent the majority of it is time at the beige stadium, but that I was completely okay with it! I truly enjoyed the total experience that it gave some thing which I had no preconceived ideas about entering and it delivered a fantastic taste profile.


Would I Buy It Again?


Is It an Every Day Smoke?

 At $10 a stick, not for me.

Would I Buy a Box?

I honestly think I would consider a box purchase here. I love the packaging, the cigar is great if you can find it for around $7 a cigar it would certainly be a deal!


In general, this Montecristo Espada Guard was rather fantastic. I believe Altadis and the Plasencia people did a fantastic job for this mix. It provides up a great deal of glow on the taste wheel but nothing else that’s overbearing to at which it turns into a joy to your pleasure. I keep saying it, however, the packing is simply excellent, I can not say enough about it. I surely think if you are on the fence about this cigar afterward select this up and offer a try and you will not be let down.