How To Ash A Cigar

Beginners may not know that Cigar ashes are a telltale sign about the actual characteristics and makeup of a cigar. A cigar that is rolled properly will burn slowly and create a stiff and sturdy ash that will be up to 2 or possibly 3 inches in overall length without breaking off and falling into your lap. The cigar’s ash will actually resemble the shape and size of the cigar, but have a grey appearance.
If you have a cigar whose ash breaks off unexpectedly, or its’ burn is less than tightly contained, or it expends, then you will know that it’s not rolled properly and the cigar’s smoking characteristics are going to be below expectation. In cases where the ash color varies from lighter to darker tones this means the tobacco leaf  mix wasn’t up to quality standards.
how to ash a cigar with 1 inch or more cigar ash
Contrary to urban myth, the smoke quality of your cigar isn’t affected in any way by the actual length of the cigar ash. If you experience a bitter taste or hot sensation while smoking,  or possibly other types of variations that aren’t smooth that may occur while you are smoking your cigar, are indications that your cigar is of poor quality, either in the tobacco leaf mix or resulting from the quality of the roll.
A high quality cigar is usually smoked down to the nub, or to your liking. There are times when you smoke a quality cigar down to the nub that the taste will begin change from a “lovely smooth” flavor, to a “bitter” taste and flavor or where it’ll have a very noticeable “after taste”. In cases like this, cigar aficionados will tell you to throw it away, however I believe you can have a little patience to possibly save the smoke. In cases where the cigar has burned down to the end and its’ taste has become hot or bitter, I’ll set it down and let the cigar burn gently in the ashtray. A quality cigar will keep its slow burning properties, and not go out, from anywhere from three to five minutes without being puffed. In numerous cases I’ve noticed that the cigar will burn past a tar spot and will then allow you to resume smoking it and which the cigar will return to its original beautiful flavor. Just give it an opportunity to re-prove itself before tossing.
how to ash a cigar the right way

How to Ash a Cigar

There is no need to often tap or even flick a cigar’s ash the way  you would with a cigarette. Handmade cigars are actually crafted from long filler tobacco, which has a much longer and more sturdy ash compared to a cigarette, whose ashes flakes and wind up in the lap of yours if left burning to any length. Fiddling with the ash with excessive force is able to break off the “cherry”, or the ember of the cigar, and this will cause you to having to relight the cigar.

The very best method to use to ash a cigar is usually to initially have patience. Hold back until the ash is all about an inch or so in length, or perhaps until you view a crack in the cigar develop, before getting rid of the ash in the ashtray. When you patiently wait a long time, the ash will undoubtedly break off and drop on your pants, shirt, or on the floor.

how to ash a cigar properly

When it becomes time to ash the cigar, gently roll the cigar against the edge of the ashtray and carefully tap the cigar to remove its’ ash. When done correctly, and also at the appropriate time, the cigar will allow the ash to naturally fall off without force or tapping. If the cigar ash isn’t breaking off easily, rest it on the edge of the ashtray for a minute, then simply repeat the same process that was just outlined.

You are able to additionally lightly press the edge of the cigar against side of your ashtray, rotating or perhaps turning the cigar in the process. Take care not to press very hard. This can allow the ash to break off evenly, and you will stay away from any of the pitfalls mentioned above.

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How To Light A Cigar

how to light a cigar

To light a cigar isn’t love lighting the idea of the wick or maybe a cigarette of a candle – it will take longer. Put simply, patience is essential, particularly when you’re beginning. Mistakes happen?even in case you’re a seasoned cigar veteran, so only recognize it and try not to let errors ruin what must be a pleasurable process.

A correctly lit cigar is actually essential since it means all of the parts (wrapper, filler and binder) will be well lit, thus imparting the flavors of the blend as the maker intended?them to be felt. Additionally, you will not be fighting an uneven burn while you are smoking, which could add hassle to a time?that must be comforting.

But?before you are able to light up, you will wish In order to cut the cigar of yours so air is able to pass through it.

how to light a cigar properly

In order to light a cigar, stick to these 3 steps

1. Light the cigar of yours the exact same manner you’d toast a marshmallow with a campfire – keep the cigar above and near the flame, but do not allow them to touch. To burn a cigar straight in a flame causes it to be way too warm. In the event you do inadvertently nick the cigar with the flame, do not worry! You have not ruined the cigar. Rather, but quickly, calmly, move the smoke of yours back from the flame.

2. And, as with a marshmallow, you will need to spin the cigar so all of aspects of its tip are likewise heated. Be patient and keep at it until there is a glowing ring all of the way around the cigar’s tip and also the edges are thinly blackened.

3. Raise the unlit end of the cigar to the mouth of yours and take the very first puff. The ember must burn evenly while drawing, If it does not, take the cigar out of the mouth of yours and go on and touch up the end with the flame. You are able to additionally attempt to gently blow on the embers to produce a soft, totally rounded ash.

how to light a cigar

Remember, it is advisable to stay away from lighting a cigar with a flame from a source which is going to alter the essence of the cigar of yours. Examples add a candle, oil fueled lighters and Zippo, as well as regular sulfur matches. These lighting tools may add odd flavors to the smoke of yours.

Rather than using one of those suboptimal tools In order to immediately light a cigar, it will be better to discover a?strip of cedar, referred to as a spill, as well as use that to light your smoke.

When a cedar spill is not available, we recommend getting extra long, wooden matches which are sulfur-less. In case you cannot find them and should use regular, short matches, be ready to make use of a selection of them. Make sure you allow the sulfur burn up before beginning the lighting progression and try lighting 2 at a time, therefore you receive a broader flame.

In the event that you are only choice is a Zippo?or oil based lighter, let the flame burn for a short time before lighting the cigar of yours.

The most effective way to get the best light is actually using a lighter created particularly for cigars, with butane for gas and a flame (or maybe a number of flames) wide adequate to comfortably light a cigar. You will find dozens of various cigar lighters on the market, and which you are ideal for you is actually a situation of individual preference. The most significant requirement is actually performance – a lighter should fit very easily in the hand of yours, ignite quickly, as well as work without fail every time.

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How To Cut A Cigar

how to cut a cigar

A terrible cut will destroy even the best of cigars, so it’s imperative to cut your smoke accurately to keep away from issues later. Before you start, it’s critical to realize that the protest of the slice is to make a sufficient. smooth opening for smoking without harming the cigar’s structure. With most cigars, this implies removing some portion of the top on the head that closes the cigar, while abandoning some of it stuck around the conclusion to keep the filler leaves together.

how to cut a cigar

Next, you have to choose the correct cutting instrument. There are a heap of alternatives accessible: single-and twofold bladed cutters, scissors, v-cutters, a sharp blade, or even your thumbnail. In the event that you are simply beginning, however, we recommend picking a twofold bladed shaper, as they are the most straightforward to work, are intended to make a cut over the cigar from the two sides at the same time, and can clip any shape or size smoke you’ll find in a humidor. With a twofold bladed shaper, there’s to a lesser degree a shot that the cigar wrapper will be torn, though other cutting apparatuses require more involvement.

Begin by distinguishing the shoulder of the cigar where the bended end of the cigar begins to fix. This is the place you’ll make your cut.

how to cut a cigar

Place the top of the cigar inside the opening of the twofold bladed shaper, and somewhat shut the cutting edges so they are simply contacting the cigar. This keeps the cigar legitimately situated and averts movement, which may prompt tearing or to the cut occurring in the wrong place.

Once the cigar is in position, cut it intensely utilizing quick, even weight. A genuine enthusiast cuts like a specialist: rapidly and certainly.

In case you’re experiencing difficulty, a less complex approach to slice your smoke is to open the sharp edges of the twofold bladed shaper and lay it on a level surface. At that point, embed the leader of the cigar in the middle of the sharp edges with the goal that it lays uniformly at first glance, lastly, quickly cut the leader of the cigar. This is a surefire technique to accomplish an immaculate cut.

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Cuban Cigar Review: Montecristo Churchill Anejados


MontecristoOrigin : Cuba

Size : 7“ (178mm) x 47
Format : Julieta No.2
Brand Strength : Medium to Full
Price : $25 – $30



The Montecristo Churchill Anejados is actually the next release of the linea Anejados. The Cigars produced under this line are added matured in the best moisture conditions of Cuba for a short time between five to eight years. This additional aging allow each part of the cigar to truly melt together releasing the really full flavor potential of the tobacco leaves.?


Cigar Appearance

The Montecristo Anejados shows a two-fold band, the conventional one along with a brown one which proudly said Anejados indicating the excess aging indeed. The size that I especially love is actually stylish and the already a pleasure to old it in the hands of yours. The style of the wrapper is actually Colorado as well as the quality of it’s superb with very few vein coming out and a crunchy feel that make me hope in a very good draw.


Cigar Construction

The cigar is actually been rolled very well, the cup was applied properly facilitating the sawing procedure as well as the pre draw announce that’s not going to become a firm one. Over the smoke the ash was extremely small and I pretty much went half way through before it went down, and once it did I might see the center of the cigar completely lit as I never ever had to make use of the lighter once again.


Cigar Tasting

Similar to a very first date, it’s a shy beginning for the Montecristo Anejados, it felt rather light as a start but on the additional side combustion and draw were great. It shows since the start that the character of the stick is actually gonna be woody with a few spices hints, the traditional Montecristo profile.
As we achieve the next third the flavor intensity certainly picks up as the smoke gets denser and warmer, we are able to appreciate the beautiful cedar and oak wood, vegetal notes with a few cashew nuts feeling too along with a hint of spices occasionally.

Near the end we are able to truly like the definition of the flavors, which aren’t changing a lot since the beginning, the sole thing that evolves is actually the intensity of those, and that is completely normal as the burning spot is usually closer to the palate of ours and also the smoke is actually hotter; combustion and draw have been fantastic during the whole stick.



The cigar was a bit lighter than expected, perhaps because the additional aging which may have lower down the nicotine level, as well as make it smoother. It was exceptionally well built and I’ve to claim that if a cigar does not give some inconvenient is already half way to the success. Flavor good the cigar did not show some complexity as the profile was the same from the start to the end, what I call a linear stick; though the definition of the flavors and aromas was great. This’s a cigar which are able to be smoked whenever really, I enjoyed it with the coffee of mine throughout the evening, and also by the dynamics of it you are able to lit it and enjoy it without thinking about this a lot of.

Consuegra Cigars – The World’s Most Popular Factory Seconds

Consuegra Cigars

Today in the 25th year of theirs of production, Consuegra cigars remain the most widely used line of factory seconds ever produced.?Connies as they’re referred to by the throngs of theirs of loyal minions, are actually factory seconds from the producers of Excalibur, Punch, El Rey del Mundo, Hoyo de Monterrey and the Cigar Smokeshow Ultimate – 5 of the greatest names in premium handmade Honduran cigars!

The Consuegra brand will be the Holy Grail for all well seasoned smokers that value a complete, rich tasting, Cuban style cigar sold at a significant discount. While these unique handmade cigars are actually segundos and production overruns, they still pack a delicious medium full body profile along with an excellent quality which is actually uncommon among cigar seconds.

Consuegra Cigars

Similar to the initial Honduran counterparts of theirs, Consuegra cigars are designed with a blend of fully aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, Dominican, or Honduran, paired with the choice of yours of an EMS Honduran, or perhaps a dark, oily, USA Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. At first glance, the wrapper may seem to be veiny and dry rather or even have moderate blemishes and sun spots. They might likewise be somewhat off size from one smoke to the subsequent, but perhaps the most discerning of cigar aficionados will discover that these flaws just somewhat, if at all, affect the cigars burning taste or even qualities.

Consuegra Cigars

Consuegra cigars are actually purchased in affordable 25 count bundles and are available in an impressive array of sizes and shapes to appeal to every style of smoker. Several of our much more experienced smokers have been in a position to determine which Connie is actually a minute to a certain manufacturer, and they continue to purchase it faithfully. Others simply enjoy them in different sizes and wrapper colors as their go to daily smokes.

Consuegra Cigars

Based on the size and style which you pick, you are able to count on a multitude of flavors which include spice, white pepper, earth, leather, chocolate, nuts , and other things.

Even in case you’re a high end cigar connoisseur, Consuegra cigars are certainly well worth picking up simply to have around for those times when you understand you are going to be very busy doing other matters however wish to smoke an excellent tasting Honduran cigar.

Awesome Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad for Father’s Day


With Cigar Smokeshow’s Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad, we are aware Dad is usually someone’s favorite cigar connoisseur, though the process of purchasing him the favorite brand of his could be a hard one, particularly in case you do not know just what brand he smokes or perhaps in case he loves to mix things up.

And so, to make life simpler for you, while pleasing him at exactly the same time, we’ve a great choice of premium Cigar Samplers for him to find out and enjoy. You are able to create your own sampler with individual cigar selections from a huge selection of premium brands to pick from, or maybe order one of the many pre made assortments of ours carefully chosen for the fantastic construction of theirs, top ratings, and great taste.?

In order to get the ball rolling we’ve assembled several of the bestselling Cigar Samplers of ours for one to select.

The Happy Father’s Day Collection will make the perfect gift for just about any smokin’ dad at a price which cannot be beat anywhere on the internet! Together with twenty best selling handmade cigars, you will get a black 20 count humidor along with a Cigar Savor Double Bladed Guillotine Cutter. That is an enormous savings of over seventy % off the normal list price!

Cigar Gift Ideas For Dad

Each combo consists of five of every one of the following great smokes:

Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad La Finca Ammo Toro

La Finca Ammo Toro • 6.12 x 50

cigar gift ideas for dad Oliva Serie O Churchill

Oliva Serie O Churchill • 7.00 x 50

cigar gift ideas for dad

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Robusto • 5.00 x 50

cigar gift ideas for dad Maria Mancini Magic Mountain Maduro

Maria Mancini Magic Mountain Maduro • 6.00 x 50

For our Ultimate & La Gloria Collection, we’ve teamed up 2 of our most popular cigar brands in one inexpensive 15 count pack. From la Gloria Cubana, he will get five of the Serie R Black #58 cigars, a potent Oscuro wrapped Nicaraguan powerhouse packed with bold, heady flavors of licorice, cedar, white pepper, and espresso.

To join this gem, is our world famous Cigar Smokeshow Ultimate # five Maduro cigar from Honduras, another deep beauty that is full flavored and brimming with hearty notes of chocolate, coffee, leather, and spice. If pops enjoys his smokes savory and dark, this Sunday is actually gon na be an extra special day for him!

In order to provide him a lot of variety, Our Terrific 20 Collection provides a top rated assortment of full flavored smokes from several of probably the hottest names in the boutique cigar sector. You will get five cigars each from Uncharted, Boneshaker, Thunderdome, Trinidad Santiago, and La Gloria Cubana Serie R. Though not for the faint of heart (or maybe palate), If dad likes the cigars of his, bold, sophisticated, and unbelievably tasty, this very affordable deal can make him happy on the big day of his!

Uncertain if dad smokes a mellow, medium or maybe full bodied cigar? Then why don’t you cover all of the bases and purchase him the Romeo, Don Pepin and La Gloria Collection. With this assortment he gets the famous Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully, a premium cigar beloved the earth over for the distinct nutty character of its, beautiful aroma, and smooth, easygoing, medium body strength.

Bumping up the strength a notch is actually the medium to complete body La Gloria Cubana Wavell, an earthy Cuban style cigar with hints of coffee, leather, and cream. Following his big Father’s Day meal and maybe a few of cool ones, the full bodied Don Pepin Garcia Blue Toro Grande, a 62 ring masterpiece, will truly hit the area with its daring, but refined flavors of earth, cedar, sweet spice, cocoa, along with a zesty pepper finish.

Released only in time for Father’s Day, the Cigar gift ideas for dad and Humidor Combo three is actually a great present for every smokin’ dad, since he gets 2 presents that are special in a single – a top quality humidor, and some great cigars!?Inside a stunning, airtight, glass top mahogany wood humidor rests twenty traditional premium cigars from Maria Mancini, La Finca, as well as the world famous Montecristo brand. Every medium to full bodied and packed with their very own special, hearty Cuban style flavors, these good premium cigars and this beautiful humidor is really an excellent combo that he’ll be thrilled to get!

Still uncertain which of those top notch selections to choose? Then head over to the vast choice of ours of Cigar Samplers on the Cigar Smokeshow Website, in which you are going to have an impressive sixteen pages of great Samplers to select from! But be quick and order several soon, since the important day is quickly approaching!

Debonaire Daybreak Cigar Review


Initial Thoughts

Up until now Debonaire has just had 2 cigars in the portfolio of theirs. Those 2 cigars had been the very same binder and filler however they utilized various wrappers, a Maduro and a Habano. This Debonaire Daybreak release is actually the very first release under the Debonaire house since joining up with Drew Estate to deal with the sales and distribution of the brand.

The Debonaire Daybreak was first announced back in 2017 at the IPCPR show and has been on shelves for some time today. It is readily available in six sizes:

First Degree: 4 x 44
Sagita: 5 1/2 x 38
Corona: 6 x 46
Robusto: 5 x 50
Toro: 6 x 50
Belicoso: 6 x 54

Taking a look at the makeup of this particular cigar it employs an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper which has been aging for 2 seasons. The binder is Dominican as well as the filler is different Nicaraguan leaf. It is precisely the same make up as the prior releases the Maduro and also the Habano from this particular line.

I’ve previously reviewed the Debonaire Natural that is the Habano wrapper and this was wonderful. So I am really looking forward to this Debonaire Daybreak to find out what all it’s to provide up. Lets dive in.

Debonaire Daybreak cigar review


This Debonaire Daybreak is a relatively easy looking packaging and cigar. The band is the same from the additional releases from what I are able to see. It is a big black and gold band. There’s a horse drawn carriage as the primary center point to the band also. Something that I believe would assist this particular cigar differentiate from the other lines is actually a secondary band. They get away with it since the cigars are actually in cellophane on the racks and it’s the title on the back though a next band might be good.

With the Debonaire name in white lettering across the middle. The one thing that often catches the eye of mine is actually at the bottom part of the band it says’ Ultra Premium’. After chatting w/ Phil Zanghi the proprietor of Debonaire I understand they go to extraordinary lengths and set a great deal of effort into the manufacturing of the cigars of theirs.

The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper on this Debonaire Daybreak is actually beautiful. It is a smooth brown with little veins and extremely sleek. Taking a look at the feet you are able to see some really dark tobacco is actually rolled into the filler. It is such a stark contrast to the majority of the leaf at the filler that it’s extremely apparent. Let dive on it and find out what this Debonaire Daybreak is offering up.

Debonaire Daybreak cigar review


Something that I recall especially from the Debonaire Natural cigar is exactly how thoroughly clean the cigar smokes. The majority of the time the smoke the pours out feels as smoke. Nevertheless, while I was puffing on the Natural / Habano release the retrohale did not feel as smoke.

I’ve to say, the Debonaire Daybreak was almost the same. The smoke was not quite as clear and clean, though it certainly was less smokey than other cigars. I am uncertain what contributes to that attribute of the cigar though I do love it. Through the entirety of this particular cigar it was an excellent draw, great burn and only a thoroughly clean smoking experience. I am not certain in case I can say a lot more about this however. It was wonderful.

Debonaire Daybreak cigar review


Directly from the get go on the pre light this Debonaire Daybreak gave a broad range of flavors. Up front I have some standard notes of cedar and oak. Followed by a musty leather-based note that was really that enjoyable. As soon as I got the cigar lit that clean smoke was pouring out. I picked up a few subtle hints of white pepper and a backing note of mineral and earth. Practically nothing was truly appropriate in the face of yours these were all combined together perfectly. The finish offered a great serving of cream and tobacco flavors that lingered around for some time.

Would I Buy It Again?

Without having a doubt. This Debonaire Daybreak is actually a little bit on the higher end of the range of mine however after smoking one or perhaps 2 you recognize it is not a regular smoke, unless you are in a greater tax bracket. Nevertheless, I do feel as it is a smoke that you are able to reach for every again and now as a’ Ultra Premium’ smoke.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

Not for me personally, simply depending on the cost. If I’d the cash, then of course it will be.

Would I Buy a Box?

I believe this’s the simplest way to purchase this particular cigar. I’d like having a box which is actually sitting and aging


Really, in case I have not convinced one to head out and buy a Debonaire Daybreak by now, I am unsure what else I could say about this. This’s a fantastic cigar with an excellent flavor profile that smokes entirely. Simply go out and try one and I know you will not be disappointed.


Padron Family Reserve 45 Years Natural Cigar Review

Padron Family Reserve 45 Years Natural

Padron cigars are generally a cigar that folks discuss with a small bit of mystique behind them. Everybody understands they are great but can’t ever put a finger on it. Not to mention remember which one they smoked. I know I have had a number of Padron cigars in the day of mine and in case it were not because of this website I would not have the ability to let you know which ones that I’ve smoked because the numbering system is actually a tad confusing. After digging into the Padron site I believe I have cracked the code however.

This Padron Family Reserve forty five Years Natural is part of the Family Reserve connection that is a part of the most recent addition to the Padron lineup. Each and every cigar in this particular line signifies dates that are crucial for the Padron family. Additionally, it utilizes tobacco which has been aged ten years. Each blend is available in each Natural and Maduro wrappers. These days we are smoking the Natural wrapper. This specific blend won Cigar Aficionado’s coveted Cigar of the Year award in 2009.

Padron Family Reserve 45 Years Natural

I needed to discover why the forty five years or perhaps 1964 was a crucial date. Come to find out, that is when Jose Padron founded the Padron Cigars company. Therefore obviously an extremely significant day for the household and acceptable of a rather unique cigar.

I chose to purchase a sampler of Padron cigars from Gotham Cigars. I felt that was the best economical method to get a couple of Padrons in the possession of mine for reviewing purposes. The complete sample costs roughly eighty dollars though you receive five cigars that is approximately sixteen dollars / stick though I felt that was a good deal because this Padron Family Reserve forty five Years Natural is typically twenty six dollars on it is very own. The math works in the head of mine though I am additionally a bit of goofy sometimes. Nevertheless, I believe we have to dive into the smoke and find out what this particular cigar is offering.


Padron Family Reserve 45 Years Natural

This Padron Family Reserve forty five Years Natural possesses an attractive dark Colorado wrapper. It’s a great deal of texture to it also that I like. The head appears a bit of mangled from the fermentation though I’ve no question that it will smoke wonderfully. I feel as if on the Maduro version that I smoked the wrapper had a bit more tooth to it, this particular wrapper possesses a pleasant rugged texture but not very much in the way tooth.

The cigar is actually decorated three bands in fact, I originally thought it was only two until I was peeling them off in the deep and they kept coming at me. The secondary band that’s gold and maroon with forty five years on it let us you understand the blend as well as the certain cigar of the family reserve. The main band has the Family Reserve and 1964 on it, also in the conventional maroon and gold setting. There’s a greenish camo looking band also that has a serial number for every cigar. I simply assumed it was a part of the main band though it is set under the main as it is very own. It is an accurate process to display all of the bands together. I believe it adds a little flair to the Padron Family Reserve forty five Years Natural overall.


Padron Family Reserve 45 Years Natural

Something that I understand is actually, I have never had a problem smoking a Padron cigar. Spoiler alert, this Padron Family Reserve forty five Years Natural was no different. What I like about Padron cigars are the point that of course you pay out a great deal for these people, though they do not ever allow you to down. The draw was definitely perfect I managed to quickly draw that smoke in the mouth of mine with an only a little bit of resistance but never got plugged. The burn was extremely straight throughout and produced an amazing ash which of course fell on the leg of mine as I shifted in the chair of mine (no surprise really). Just a total pleasure to smoke this particular cigar.


Padron Family Reserve 45 Years Natural

In case you are interested in the flavor of this Padron Family Reserve forty five Years Natural then I am happy you have held on to the end. The blend started off with prominent notes of black pepper and tobacco. While nosing the barrel and also the foot I picked up the very same thing. So it will make good sense that it carried through into the cigar.

While smoking the cigar started shifting notes somewhat. The pepper backed off and gave way to a bit of a creamy leather flavor with hints of citrus of the background. In the last third I picked up on notes of bread and also the citrus remained pretty prominent. With all that said nothing was actually in the face of yours in phrases of the blend. All of it experienced exceptionally well balanced and I genuinely enjoyed the time invested with this Padron Family Reserve forty five Years Natural.

Padron Family Reserve 45 Years Natural

Would I Buy It Again?

Without a doubt.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

 If I had enough cash to make it rain, yes, definitely.

Would I Buy a Box?

I would buy 1,000.


Padron Family Reserve 45 Years Natural

I imply it is actually tough to argue that Padron cigars are actually top notch. I have yet to have one which has let me down. The Padron Family Reserve forty five Years Natural is actually no different. Perfect smoking experience, flavor that is good, it paired nicely with the bourbon of mine. What more would you want out of a cigar? Do yourself a favor, go pick one of those up. In case you are reluctant to purchase one for twenty six dollars, do what I did and get a sampler box with a number of other Padrons in there also. I realize you will not regret it!

Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey Review

Initial Thoughts

When you are like me then you most likely had not heard so much fanfare with the release of this Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey. Actually I had not heard anything about it at all. The main reason I picked it up is actually since I went into my buddy’s liquor store just where he’s the general manager to purchase a container EH Taylor that he held for me. Then he brought me over to the shelf and said, I believe you need to review this Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey. He said it is cheap, and it is delicious. And so get it while you are able to. Exactly how might I turn down that kind of introduction!

And so right here we are! I started out digging in to find out much more approximately this Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey and I discovered the site of theirs and began reading about the brand and who Henry Clay was and it is an excellent story. Henry Clay was obviously a famed statesmen and speaker he’d a pattern of shipping whiskey from the Oscar Pepper distillery in Lexington to Washington D.C. exactly where he represented the state of Kentucky in both the House and also the Senate. He loved using this particular whiskey for diplomatic good reasons. I visualize it is much easier to persuade others to see the point of yours of view after a few of glasses.

After Henry passed a distillery was created in the honor of his. Regrettably, it burned down a several years later on. Nevertheless, it was rebuilt in 1869 by James E Pepper son of Oscar, mentioned above. The distillery has seen a great deal of history of the years but is currently reconditioned and operating with all brand new equipment and great facelift. Based on the site of theirs they will be ready to accept public this spring / summer for tours.

I am additionally looking forward to getting several of their other expressions they’ve a full line of ryes, along with a bourbon under the 1776 brand. Effectively, let us dive into the review and find out what this?Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey is offering!

Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey


The bottle itself is not overly flashy. It is a rounded corner square bottle with a black plastic cap. Much like a Jack Daniels bottle in general design. The label is actually a faded white paper with a little bit of texture, the guess of mine to make the perception of an old time paper which Mr Clay will have used in the diplomatic work of his.

On the front side of the label is actually a portrait of Mr. Clay which would be looked at the head shot of his. Something that you will noticed on this particular bottle is actually tiny green text is actually Distilled and Bottled for’. And so clearly they are not distilling their very own product yet. They’re purchasing this item from MGP a distillery in Indiana and promoting it under the brand of theirs while getting the operation of theirs up and running. This is not new, actually a great deal of models take this very same path as they get the operations of theirs going. Simply because all of us know it requires some time for the whiskey to age so that they get a jump start by taking this particular course. I listen to folks all of the time talk about the way this’s very wrong and not accurate to the brand. I will be honest, so long as the whiskey tastes wonderful I do not care.

The label wraps around the edge of this?Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey bottle too and goes on to express to the story of Mr. Clay. Pretty much summing up what I wrote in the very first area. So that is enough about the product packaging. Let us dive into what is inside the bottle. That is what is important probably the most!

Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey



Up front side on the nose I picked up a hint of spice primarily that note of rye that’s most typical. Hints of fruit show up too. Mainly a bit and orange peel a little bit of honey to go by.


On the palate the flavors started a little thin on the very first sip, but each sip continued to wow with the level of flavor. I picked up vanilla and caramel notes primary from the aging. Then cloves and mint like a relaxing cleansing flavor which was left behind.


The finish was somewhat brief but sharp. It lets those minty flavors sit for then and awhile they are gone.

Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey


General, this Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey was an extremely enjoyable whiskey. My very first sip I was not blown away but as I continued moving ahead with the glass it got better and better. At the conclusion of the glass I was finding I needed to pour another. With this particular bottle being valued at twenty five dollars I am able to definitely see this turning into a repeat buy without having to break the bank. Therefore in case you are keen on trying a brand new rye whiskey then I’d surely tee the one up for the next purchase of yours!

Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey


Alec Bradley Coyol Cigar Review

alec bradley coyol cigar review

Initial Thoughts

I personally feel that there are few brands which can deliver the goods year after year. They consistently put out new cigars with updated looks and stay relevant within the industry. Alec Bradley is certainly one of those brands. They put out some great cigars, the packaging always looks fantastic and up to date yet keeping a nod to the heritage of the industry. That being said, we’re kicking off the Alec Bradley Review Week with the Alec Bradley Coyol Toro!

I’ll be honest, I missed this cigar when it came out a few years ago. I like to call those the dark ages when I wasn’t writing much. Nevertheless, I picked it up and I’m smoking it now.

A cool story behind this blend. The name comes from a small tobacco farm in Honduras called La Vega Coyol. This farm is a exclusive farm for Alec Bradley, and they have incorporated this specific leaf into multiple parts of the cigar. First off they use it as the wrapper. Secondly, it’s one of the binders, alongside some Nicaraguan Jalapa leaf. Thirdly, they use the Coyol leaf in the filler. So there ya go, a special and exclusive leaf that is used throughout the cigar. Love the idea and the story behind. So let’s dig into it and get it burning.

alec bradley coyol cigar review


Taking a look at this Alec Bradley Coyol box and you’ll be thrown back in time. It has a look and feel that is reminiscent of old Cuban boxes. The 20 count cardboard type box with a mural when you open the lid. There’s a person riding a horse along side the road next to a tobacco field. It’s just beautiful honestly, and I love the nod to their heritage and where this leaf comes from.

The band very simple compared to most of the Alec Bradley bands that you’ll see. Again this is a retro looking band with a modern AB twist. I love the 2nd band that says La Vega Coyol, again acknowledging the farm where the tobacco was produced.

A beautiful Honduran wrapper with a good bit of texture brings it all tobacco. It’s a semi-shiny colorado colored wrapper. It’s giving off some great aromas as well. I think it’s time to get into this cigar and see what Coyol tobacco is all about.

alec bradley coyol cigar review for you


This Alec Bradley Coyol comes out strong with some pretty heavy smoke. The air flow is a little tough at first, but once I get about 1/8″ in it really starts to puff and open up the draft. One thing that was interesting about smoking this cigar is that I could never get the ash to hang on longer than 1/2″. Maybe I just had shaky hands, but it didn’t seem to want to hold on while I was smoking.

As for the rest of the cigar the draw was great. There were never really any burn issues. A few times it go a little wonky but it ultimately evened itself out. I never touched it up, and it didn’t go out on me. So in my book those are both big wins! At this point I’m sure you’re itching to know the flavors from this special Coyol leaf right? Let’s jump in.

alec bradley coyol cigar review


To begin the Alec Bradley Coyol gives off a nice dose of tobacco notes on the foot of the cigar pre light. It’s a great aroma that goes from dry to sweet and changes through the barrel. Once lit I started picking up flavors of oak, cedar, and bread. Great combinations for sure. On the retrohale I was getting big doses of spice, strong spice on the habanero scale. That was only in the first third though and then that spice tapered off and become more of baking spice arena similar to Cinnamon and nutmeg.

I felt like this cigar started off as a full bodied cigar that tapered off into a medium-bodied which I’ve honestly never had happen that I can remember. It was a very unique experience. At first I was a little scared, I wasn’t ready for a full bodied at that point. Luckily by the end of it this Alec Bradley Coyol had settled in and was fantastic.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

Probably not for me. I enjoyed it, but I think there is something unique to it and I’m not sure if it would fit into a daily routine to me.


Seriously, this Alec Bradley Coyol is a great and unique cigar. I loved the smoking experience, the flavors, and the story behind the blend. Do yourself a favor and go pick up 1 or a 5 pack and give it a try. I think you’ll find it unique a great smoke!

If you have smoked this Alec Bradley Coyol let us know what you think about it down below.