How To Cut A Cigar

A terrible cut will destroy even the best of cigars, so it’s imperative to cut your smoke accurately to keep away from issues later. Before you start, it’s critical to realize that the protest of the slice is to make a sufficient. smooth opening for smoking without harming the cigar’s structure. With most cigars, this implies removing some portion of the top on the head that closes the cigar, while abandoning some of it stuck around the conclusion to keep the filler leaves together.

how to cut a cigar

Next, you have to choose the correct cutting instrument. There are a heap of alternatives accessible: single-and twofold bladed cutters, scissors, v-cutters, a sharp blade, or even your thumbnail. In the event that you are simply beginning, however, we recommend picking a twofold bladed shaper, as they are the most straightforward to work, are intended to make a cut over the cigar from the two sides at the same time, and can clip any shape or size smoke you’ll find in a humidor. With a twofold bladed shaper, there’s to a lesser degree a shot that the cigar wrapper will be torn, though other cutting apparatuses require more involvement.

Begin by distinguishing the shoulder of the cigar where the bended end of the cigar begins to fix. This is the place you’ll make your cut.

how to cut a cigar

Place the top of the cigar inside the opening of the twofold bladed shaper, and somewhat shut the cutting edges so they are simply contacting the cigar. This keeps the cigar legitimately situated and averts movement, which may prompt tearing or to the cut occurring in the wrong place.

Once the cigar is in position, cut it intensely utilizing quick, even weight. A genuine enthusiast cuts like a specialist: rapidly and certainly.

In case you’re experiencing difficulty, a less complex approach to slice your smoke is to open the sharp edges of the twofold bladed shaper and lay it on a level surface. At that point, embed the leader of the cigar in the middle of the sharp edges with the goal that it lays uniformly at first glance, lastly, quickly cut the leader of the cigar. This is a surefire technique to accomplish an immaculate cut.

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