How To Ash A Cigar

Beginners may not know that Cigar ashes are a telltale sign about the actual characteristics and makeup of a cigar. A cigar that is rolled properly will burn slowly and create a stiff and sturdy ash that will be up to 2 or possibly 3 inches in overall length without breaking off and falling into your lap. The cigar’s ash will actually resemble the shape and size of the cigar, but have a grey appearance.
If you have a cigar whose ash breaks off unexpectedly, or its’ burn is less than tightly contained, or it expends, then you will know that it’s not rolled properly and the cigar’s smoking characteristics are going to be below expectation. In cases where the ash color varies from lighter to darker tones this means the tobacco leaf  mix wasn’t up to quality standards.
how to ash a cigar with 1 inch or more cigar ash
Contrary to urban myth, the smoke quality of your cigar isn’t affected in any way by the actual length of the cigar ash. If you experience a bitter taste or hot sensation while smoking,  or possibly other types of variations that aren’t smooth that may occur while you are smoking your cigar, are indications that your cigar is of poor quality, either in the tobacco leaf mix or resulting from the quality of the roll.
A high quality cigar is usually smoked down to the nub, or to your liking. There are times when you smoke a quality cigar down to the nub that the taste will begin change from a “lovely smooth” flavor, to a “bitter” taste and flavor or where it’ll have a very noticeable “after taste”. In cases like this, cigar aficionados will tell you to throw it away, however I believe you can have a little patience to possibly save the smoke. In cases where the cigar has burned down to the end and its’ taste has become hot or bitter, I’ll set it down and let the cigar burn gently in the ashtray. A quality cigar will keep its slow burning properties, and not go out, from anywhere from three to five minutes without being puffed. In numerous cases I’ve noticed that the cigar will burn past a tar spot and will then allow you to resume smoking it and which the cigar will return to its original beautiful flavor. Just give it an opportunity to re-prove itself before tossing.
how to ash a cigar the right way

How to Ash a Cigar

There is no need to often tap or even flick a cigar’s ash the way  you would with a cigarette. Handmade cigars are actually crafted from long filler tobacco, which has a much longer and more sturdy ash compared to a cigarette, whose ashes flakes and wind up in the lap of yours if left burning to any length. Fiddling with the ash with excessive force is able to break off the “cherry”, or the ember of the cigar, and this will cause you to having to relight the cigar.

The very best method to use to ash a cigar is usually to initially have patience. Hold back until the ash is all about an inch or so in length, or perhaps until you view a crack in the cigar develop, before getting rid of the ash in the ashtray. When you patiently wait a long time, the ash will undoubtedly break off and drop on your pants, shirt, or on the floor.

how to ash a cigar properly

When it becomes time to ash the cigar, gently roll the cigar against the edge of the ashtray and carefully tap the cigar to remove its’ ash. When done correctly, and also at the appropriate time, the cigar will allow the ash to naturally fall off without force or tapping. If the cigar ash isn’t breaking off easily, rest it on the edge of the ashtray for a minute, then simply repeat the same process that was just outlined.

You are able to additionally lightly press the edge of the cigar against side of your ashtray, rotating or perhaps turning the cigar in the process. Take care not to press very hard. This can allow the ash to break off evenly, and you will stay away from any of the pitfalls mentioned above.

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