Consuegra Cigars – The World’s Most Popular Factory Seconds

Today in the 25th year of theirs of production, Consuegra cigars remain the most widely used line of factory seconds ever produced.?Connies as they’re referred to by the throngs of theirs of loyal minions, are actually factory seconds from the producers of Excalibur, Punch, El Rey del Mundo, Hoyo de Monterrey and the Cigar Smokeshow Ultimate – 5 of the greatest names in premium handmade Honduran cigars!

The Consuegra brand will be the Holy Grail for all well seasoned smokers that value a complete, rich tasting, Cuban style cigar sold at a significant discount. While these unique handmade cigars are actually segundos and production overruns, they still pack a delicious medium full body profile along with an excellent quality which is actually uncommon among cigar seconds.

Consuegra Cigars

Similar to the initial Honduran counterparts of theirs, Consuegra cigars are designed with a blend of fully aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, Dominican, or Honduran, paired with the choice of yours of an EMS Honduran, or perhaps a dark, oily, USA Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. At first glance, the wrapper may seem to be veiny and dry rather or even have moderate blemishes and sun spots. They might likewise be somewhat off size from one smoke to the subsequent, but perhaps the most discerning of cigar aficionados will discover that these flaws just somewhat, if at all, affect the cigars burning taste or even qualities.

Consuegra Cigars

Consuegra cigars are actually purchased in affordable 25 count bundles and are available in an impressive array of sizes and shapes to appeal to every style of smoker. Several of our much more experienced smokers have been in a position to determine which Connie is actually a minute to a certain manufacturer, and they continue to purchase it faithfully. Others simply enjoy them in different sizes and wrapper colors as their go to daily smokes.

Consuegra Cigars

Based on the size and style which you pick, you are able to count on a multitude of flavors which include spice, white pepper, earth, leather, chocolate, nuts , and other things.

Even in case you’re a high end cigar connoisseur, Consuegra cigars are certainly well worth picking up simply to have around for those times when you understand you are going to be very busy doing other matters however wish to smoke an excellent tasting Honduran cigar.

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