Cuban Cigar Alternatives

cuban cigars alternatives

There is a certain mystique when it comes to the Cuban cigar and years ago, it was considered the best in the world due to Cuba being the quintessential pioneer in the industry.

Since 1962 with the Cuba sanctions and trade embargo, citizens of the United States are not allowed to buy or sell and up until recently, they were illegal to consume inside of the country. And until 2014, forget about trying to bring them into the U.S. if you were able to visit another country and buy Cuban cigars.

In other countries where they are easily attainable, they aren’t even at the top of the list as they are in the United States. The problem is that people want what they cannot have but fortunately there are excellent alternatives.

cuban cigars

What Makes Cuban Cigars Great?

Cuba certainly crafts superior cigars for a number of reasons such as their rich tobacco growing soil. According to LiveScience:

Cuba has what some see as the perfect environment for growing cigar tobacco. The island’s soil allows the plants to produce very high quality leaves, said Alan Dye, a professor of economics at Columbia University who specializes in Cuban studies.

However, Cuban cigars are not perfect and often have issues with quality control. This is due to the demand of the market which sometimes means that they are not aged properly, there are issues with the rolling, and overall craftsmanship problems.

In fact, The Washington Post notes that only 3 of the top 25 cigars in the world, as ranked by Cigar Aficionado, were Cubans.

cuban cigars

What About Cuban Cigar Alternatives?

There are cigars that have tobacco from other countries that rival Cuba and one of those places is Nicaragua. As told by Cigar Aficionado:

They’re only two countries in the world where you can make cigars entirely from their tobacco, and it’s not Mexico. It’s Cuba and Nicaragua. Both of those countries have the most fertile dirt in the world for tobacco.

Another reason that cigars from Nicaragua are superior tasting is that the soil is not just fertile but it is a volcanic soil that is full of nutrients. The weather conditions there are ideal as well, so you get an alternative that is full of flavor and is considered some of the best tobacco in the world. In fact, the climate is similar to Cuba but it’s the natural resources that are unique to each region and that is in the soil and minerals.

There are four areas of Nicaragua that are distinct for their aromatic and flavorful tobacco: Jalapa, Ometepe, Esteli, and Condega.

For example, the Esteli region renders a spicier flavor while the Condega valley area lends a more sweet and potent flavor. Each region will have a variation in earthiness, taste, and aromatics but they are some of the most consistent, flavorful cigars that the market has ever seen

The Dominican Republic and Honduras are other areas where the cigars are considered similar to the body of Cuban cigars.

The Choice is Simple

Along with flavors and aromatics that challenge the Cuban cigar empire, the alternatives out of these areas are sometimes a third or half of the price of what you would pay.

While each cigar will have its own distinct flavor, whether it’s from Cuba or another area like Nicaragua, the flavor of a Cuban alternative is often considered superior.

Consuegra Cigars – The World’s Most Popular Factory Seconds

Consuegra Cigars

Today in the 25th year of theirs of production, Consuegra cigars remain the most widely used line of factory seconds ever produced.?Connies as they’re referred to by the throngs of theirs of loyal minions, are actually factory seconds from the producers of Excalibur, Punch, El Rey del Mundo, Hoyo de Monterrey and the Cigar Smokeshow Ultimate – 5 of the greatest names in premium handmade Honduran cigars!

The Consuegra brand will be the Holy Grail for all well seasoned smokers that value a complete, rich tasting, Cuban style cigar sold at a significant discount. While these unique handmade cigars are actually segundos and production overruns, they still pack a delicious medium full body profile along with an excellent quality which is actually uncommon among cigar seconds.

Consuegra Cigars

Similar to the initial Honduran counterparts of theirs, Consuegra cigars are designed with a blend of fully aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, Dominican, or Honduran, paired with the choice of yours of an EMS Honduran, or perhaps a dark, oily, USA Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. At first glance, the wrapper may seem to be veiny and dry rather or even have moderate blemishes and sun spots. They might likewise be somewhat off size from one smoke to the subsequent, but perhaps the most discerning of cigar aficionados will discover that these flaws just somewhat, if at all, affect the cigars burning taste or even qualities.

Consuegra Cigars

Consuegra cigars are actually purchased in affordable 25 count bundles and are available in an impressive array of sizes and shapes to appeal to every style of smoker. Several of our much more experienced smokers have been in a position to determine which Connie is actually a minute to a certain manufacturer, and they continue to purchase it faithfully. Others simply enjoy them in different sizes and wrapper colors as their go to daily smokes.

Consuegra Cigars

Based on the size and style which you pick, you are able to count on a multitude of flavors which include spice, white pepper, earth, leather, chocolate, nuts , and other things.

Even in case you’re a high end cigar connoisseur, Consuegra cigars are certainly well worth picking up simply to have around for those times when you understand you are going to be very busy doing other matters however wish to smoke an excellent tasting Honduran cigar.

Awesome Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad for Father’s Day


With Cigar Smokeshow’s Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad, we are aware Dad is usually someone’s favorite cigar connoisseur, though the process of purchasing him the favorite brand of his could be a hard one, particularly in case you do not know just what brand he smokes or perhaps in case he loves to mix things up.

And so, to make life simpler for you, while pleasing him at exactly the same time, we’ve a great choice of premium Cigar Samplers for him to find out and enjoy. You are able to create your own sampler with individual cigar selections from a huge selection of premium brands to pick from, or maybe order one of the many pre made assortments of ours carefully chosen for the fantastic construction of theirs, top ratings, and great taste.?

In order to get the ball rolling we’ve assembled several of the bestselling Cigar Samplers of ours for one to select.

The Happy Father’s Day Collection will make the perfect gift for just about any smokin’ dad at a price which cannot be beat anywhere on the internet! Together with twenty best selling handmade cigars, you will get a black 20 count humidor along with a Cigar Savor Double Bladed Guillotine Cutter. That is an enormous savings of over seventy % off the normal list price!

Cigar Gift Ideas For Dad

Each combo consists of five of every one of the following great smokes:

Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad La Finca Ammo Toro

La Finca Ammo Toro • 6.12 x 50

cigar gift ideas for dad Oliva Serie O Churchill

Oliva Serie O Churchill • 7.00 x 50

cigar gift ideas for dad

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Robusto • 5.00 x 50

cigar gift ideas for dad Maria Mancini Magic Mountain Maduro

Maria Mancini Magic Mountain Maduro • 6.00 x 50

For our Ultimate & La Gloria Collection, we’ve teamed up 2 of our most popular cigar brands in one inexpensive 15 count pack. From la Gloria Cubana, he will get five of the Serie R Black #58 cigars, a potent Oscuro wrapped Nicaraguan powerhouse packed with bold, heady flavors of licorice, cedar, white pepper, and espresso.

To join this gem, is our world famous Cigar Smokeshow Ultimate # five Maduro cigar from Honduras, another deep beauty that is full flavored and brimming with hearty notes of chocolate, coffee, leather, and spice. If pops enjoys his smokes savory and dark, this Sunday is actually gon na be an extra special day for him!

In order to provide him a lot of variety, Our Terrific 20 Collection provides a top rated assortment of full flavored smokes from several of probably the hottest names in the boutique cigar sector. You will get five cigars each from Uncharted, Boneshaker, Thunderdome, Trinidad Santiago, and La Gloria Cubana Serie R. Though not for the faint of heart (or maybe palate), If dad likes the cigars of his, bold, sophisticated, and unbelievably tasty, this very affordable deal can make him happy on the big day of his!

Uncertain if dad smokes a mellow, medium or maybe full bodied cigar? Then why don’t you cover all of the bases and purchase him the Romeo, Don Pepin and La Gloria Collection. With this assortment he gets the famous Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully, a premium cigar beloved the earth over for the distinct nutty character of its, beautiful aroma, and smooth, easygoing, medium body strength.

Bumping up the strength a notch is actually the medium to complete body La Gloria Cubana Wavell, an earthy Cuban style cigar with hints of coffee, leather, and cream. Following his big Father’s Day meal and maybe a few of cool ones, the full bodied Don Pepin Garcia Blue Toro Grande, a 62 ring masterpiece, will truly hit the area with its daring, but refined flavors of earth, cedar, sweet spice, cocoa, along with a zesty pepper finish.

Released only in time for Father’s Day, the Cigar gift ideas for dad and Humidor Combo three is actually a great present for every smokin’ dad, since he gets 2 presents that are special in a single – a top quality humidor, and some great cigars!?Inside a stunning, airtight, glass top mahogany wood humidor rests twenty traditional premium cigars from Maria Mancini, La Finca, as well as the world famous Montecristo brand. Every medium to full bodied and packed with their very own special, hearty Cuban style flavors, these good premium cigars and this beautiful humidor is really an excellent combo that he’ll be thrilled to get!

Still uncertain which of those top notch selections to choose? Then head over to the vast choice of ours of Cigar Samplers on the Cigar Smokeshow Website, in which you are going to have an impressive sixteen pages of great Samplers to select from! But be quick and order several soon, since the important day is quickly approaching!