601 Pennsylvania Edition Cigar Review

Initial Thoughts

If you are like me, you most probably haven’t heard about this 601 Pennsylvania Edition Notebook yet. The rationale being, that it’s a store exclusive alliance between Erik Espinosa and BestCigarPrices.com (among our spouses ). Currently the 601 lineup has existed awhile from Erik Espinosa plus staff. But this blend has just existed since 2016 as much as I can tell. The design of the item is really a nod to the home country of Pennsylvania that is really where BestCigarPrices.com calls residence. Additionally, within the mix there’s a few Pennsylvania broadleaf employed from the filler so it is a wonderful small tie together. Most frequently I hear of Pennsylvania broadleaf used as a wrapper so I am eager to find out what it could provide as a filler foliage.

This 601 Pennsylvania Edition comes in 15 count boxes also comes in 3 vitolas: Robusto, Toro, & Gordo. With this review I chased the Toro. Let’s dive in and see what we’re working with this!

601 Pennsylvania Edition


The wrapper used with this 601 Pennsylvania Edition is a Habano Oscuro. It provides up a gorgeous feel and chocolately brown colour also. The enamel coming from the wrapper adds just a tiny ruggedness I love. I have not had a cigar using this tooth over the wrapper in some time and I really like the hand texture (is that something? Probably just referred to as feel ) .

The ring is rather simple it’s a sizable 601 at the centre with a Yellow and Blue piping on top and bottom respectively. It is a wonderful tribute to the country of Pennsylvania and resembles their license plates for cars. Pretty slick layout there and also a wonderful little homage.

The box is somewhat simple only a simple walnut box using the 601 logo on it along with also the Espinosa stamp. Nothing on the top but it functions. To get a cigar that is sold mostly on the internet you do not require a massive packaging existence so I am ok with this. Now it is time to dig into the meat of the light and review this up 601 Pennsylvania Edition.

601 Pennsylvania Edition


Once I snipped off the cap I went for a chilly draw and has been struck by a rush of air. Whew, the attraction has been open with this poor boy. I was happy with this, but occasionally it can allow the smoke strike you a bit too difficult so I will need to pace myself if puffing on it to slow down a number of this smoke coming on the lure.

After I got that the 601 Pennsylvania Edition supposed it had been pouring off a wonderful thick smoke . The draw was not as receptive as I thought it’d be following the chilly draw evaluation. Therefore no worries . During the very first session I had to struggle with the burn only a little. I had been picking up any bitterness so I equaling it a couple times and roughly half way through this third it actually begun to pick up when it comes to smoking and flavor encounter, also cue segue.

601 Pennsylvania Edition


Within my chilly draw evaluation and nosing round the cigar I’ve picked up several amazing notes. Sweet chocolate, leather and spice would be the notes that are notable. After I put flame into the cigar I’ve had a few fairly sour notes coming . As I mentioned previously I purged it two or three days and it cleared it up quite well.

The 2nd half of the initial 3rd, yeahto figure out that… It began to pick up steam and that I was pleasantly amazed. I picked a fantastic dose of spice especially red and black pepper. There was a wonderful heating sensation that occurred over the mouth texture. Just just like a clove taste that was quite intriguing. That spice dissipates into a yummy ground and mineral notice that held the majority of the 2nd thirdparty. Followed by a yield to the chocolate and spice texture from the last .

In general, I was thrilled for this cigar. It started a little rough, might have been user error who understands. If it kicked into full rate though this 601 Pennsylvania Edition really shined. I believe nearly all cigar smokers, myself included, could pass this cigar to get another title brands. I believe that it’s actually something you ought to try yourself. I doubt you are going to be let down.

601 Pennsylvania Edition

Would I Buy It Again?

Absolutely, I’d likely purchase a more compact vitola. I have gotten to where I generally smoke the corona gorda vitola. I believe they smoke the very best and at the time period I like, but loved the mix.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

Possibly! It’s a great value cigar at around $6 a stick you could possibly smoke this everyday.

Would I Buy a Box?

Likely not. I am not a massive box purchaser. I really don’t know whether I’d smoke this sufficient to justify a box, however it would be wonderful to have a few sitting in my humidor I can catch when I’ve got a opportunity.


Overall this 601 Pennsylvania Edition has been a really good cigar. A wonderful smoking experience using a good taste profile which makes it an easy recommendation. I adored the center third of the cigar. There was something happening in there at which I believe it actually hit its stride. That warmth sensation with all the clove notes were rather fascinating and kept me on my feet that I adore. So do your self a favor and go pick up a six-pack at BestCigarPrices.com and that I believe that you are going to be glad you did!

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